1. Form a Florida LLC

Anonymous Double Florida LLC Strategy

(Works in Other States Too)

Table Of Contents

  1. Form a Florida LLC
  2. First: Form An Anonymous New Mexico LLC
  3. Second: File With Florida's Sunbiz
  4. Third: You Have Formed An Anonymous Florida LLC
  5. Our LLC Nominee Service
  6. Last Thoughts On Private LLCs

This corporate structuring technique will enable you to form an anonymous Limited Liability Company in states which do not initially appear to allow anonymous LLCs. The most common example is the so called "Florida Double LLC" which was trademarked by a local registered agent in FL. However, the method can be tweaked to work in other states as well. Following our method is less expensive because New Mexico has significantly lower filing fees  than forming an LLC in Florida  (both initially and in future years).

Graphic showing how a double LLC in florida provides anonymity.

First: Form An Anonymous New Mexico LLC

The first step is to set up an LLC in a state which allows privacy. Several states actively compete for private LLCs, but New Mexico is the only one which does not charge an annual fee to keep the company open. This makes New Mexico limited liability companies among the cheapest to open and maintain.

We charge $199 to form a New Mexico LLC.  This includes an anonymous formation, first year of registered agent service, operating agreement and more. Don't fall for a service which charges more for the basics and won't keep your personal information private.

Second: File With Florida's Sunbiz

After creating your company with us visit the other Secretary of State's website. Have the documents we provide ready as you will be using them to complete the online registration form. If you are forming a Florida LLC, then you may use our local Florida LLC Formation service.

  • When asked to list the Florida LLC's owner, list the LLC in New Mexico.
  • You may list our address, phone and email for points of contact.
  • The Articles of Organization will need signed. You may use another formation service or our nominee service.
  • Use a professional registered agent in Florida  to serve as the company's point of contact.
  • Use a nominee or your agent service for any required annual report filings.

Every state has different requirements for what must be listed. Sometimes it is a member or manager, and in extreme cases a home address. This is just one example of how doing business in other states often requires you sacrifice your privacy. With the method above you can avoid traps which would otherwise disclose your personal information. Learn more about the advantages of New Mexico LLCs here, and how to create an anonymous LLC in Florida.

Third: You Have Formed An Anonymous Florida LLC

If the above steps are followed, then your LLC in Florida will effectively be anonymous. If someone searches Sunbiz, they will find your Florida Registered Agent  and the New Mexico LLC as the member. If the New Mexico LLC is searched they will only see your agent here. Your information will not appear anywhere along the chain. The Florida company "bottoms out" in an anonymous LLC.

Our LLC Nominee Service

We believe you have every right to pursue privacy. Nothing is gained by making obvious your wealth. That only makes your creditor's lives more easy. We are happy to act as a nominee for your company when needed. For example, registering your LLC in another state, filing an annual report and applying for a trademark are all times your identity can "leak" out into the public. Our nominee service enables you to have our name and signature on important public documents. Contact us for pricing.

Last Thoughts On Private LLCs

Every Secretary of State has different corporate disclosure requirements. At one end of the spectrum are states such as New Mexico, Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada.  Connecticut and California LLCs are examples from the other end of the corporate disclosure extreme. They require personal information and a list of customers if you don't register for a sales tax license. Combining the above double anonymous LLC strategy and our nominee services you can achieve privacy in places not previously thought possible. Learn more about Florida LLC benefits  here.