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New Mexico Fast LLC Formations

Forming a New Mexico LLC is fast and easy. Allow us to handle everything. We file your Articles of Organization, keep you private, act as your registered agent in New Mexico, scan your mail, draft your operating agreement and more.

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Fast New Mexico LLC Formations
Fast New Mexico LLC Formations

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Fast New Mexico LLC Formations

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Fast New Mexico LLC Formations

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With our formation service you are more than just a number. You are a valued client. We offer straight forward pricing, and no up-sells, because it is easier on everyone that way. We treat your business seriously. There is no reason compliance and formation should be expensive. Our services include:

There are other corporate service providers, but they usually start with one price before upselling you. For example, LegalZoom doesn't include an operating agreement in their "basic" package. Nor do other providers allow you to use their address for mail and place of business. Small things, such as our free mail forwarding add up.

After formation, New Mexico does not require annual reports or other filings. Limited Liability Companies cannot be dissolved for failure to file annual reports because there are no annual fees. To make things easier, you can buy four years of our registered agent service and get the fifth free. This means you can focus on your company and not worry for 1,825 days. How does that sound? Consider using our virtual office and you won't need to worry about mail either.

  • Anonymity & Privacy
  • 1st Year Free Agent Service
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Use Our Address
  • Listing Us As Organizer
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Resolution to Open a Bank Account
  • Articles of Organization
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Operations Manual
  • Compliance Reminders
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LLC Formation for just $199

New Mexico LLC Advantages

The New Mexico Secretary of State encourages LLC formations. They limit liability, lower taxes and keep you private. While creating an LLC is important, not every state is the same. Find more New Mexico LLC advantages here and below:

We encourage you to do your homework. Other states will charge you fees, year after year, and will force you to disclose personal information, but New Mexico doesn't. NM also allows single member limited liability companies. Find a fuller discussion of our advantages and benefits here.

  • Private & Anonymous
  • No Members Listed
  • No Managers Listed
  • No Annual Reports
  • Single Member LLCs Allowed
  • Not Required to Visit New Mexico
  • Not Required to Visit U.S.A.
  • You Can Tax an LLC as an S-Corp
  • You Can Tax an LLC as a C-Corporation
  • No Residency Requirements
  • Limited Liability
LLC Formation for just $199

What you should know

There are good reasons to seek privacy - especially in the internet age. Public records used to be difficult to search. They were essentially stacks of paper in a warehouse somewhere. Today, public records, such as company ownership information, are easy to find online.

Whether you simply want some privacy, or to hide from those wishing you harm, an LLC in New Mexico is entirely private.

Whether you simply want some privacy, or to hide from those wishing you harm, an LLC in New Mexico is entirely private. Your information never goes into the public record. Only our name, address, phone and other information is disclosed.

In an era where privacy is harder to attain, it's nice to know you can still obtain some true anonymity. You don't have to justify wanting privacy. We believe it is normal and you have every right to pursue it. Learn more here about anonymous New Mexico LLCs and privacy here. Note, these are sometimes referred to as Blind LLCs because the owners are anonymous.

How much is an LLC in New Mexico? NM offers low fees, e.g. after formation there are no required filings. You may amend your articles, change your name or address, register a tradename or obtain apostilled Articles of Organization for between $10 and $50.

Your only requirement is to maintain a registered agent in New Mexico. We are happy to provide this service and we do not outsource. In fact, large national firms use small local firms like us when they don't want to maintain a presence in the state.

We are a popular state for setting up holding companies and their subsidiaries. Holding companies are commonly used in real-estate and for e-commerce stores. They help minimize risk by separating assets from liabilities. Additional benefits include potentially lowering taxes and providing privacy in states such as Florida.


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Opening an LLC is the best option for many people because they are easy to manage and offer limited liability to the founders. If you are a startup or sell products online, an LLC is almost always the right choice.


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LLC Formation for just $199

Frequently Asked Questions

New Mexico Anonymous LLC

New Mexico's Secretary of State requires every limited liability company name end with a variation of "limited liability company" or "limited company". Such variations include but are not limited to "LLC", "Limited Liability Company", "Limited Company", "Limited Liability Co.", "Limited Co.", "Ltd. Company", "L.L.C.", "L.C.", "LC.", "Ltd. Co.", "LC", etc. If you do not select one of these endings, then we will add LLC by default to make the name compliant.

How to File a NM LLC Yourself (Not Anonymous)

Can you file for an LLC on your own? Yes, however the largest reason not to is because your name will be entered into a public database when you file the Articles of Organization. You cannot both set up the limited liability company AND remain anonymous because you will be considered the Organizer. You also will be forced to purchase an operating agreement since the Secretary of State does not provide one.

New Mexico Registered Agent Services

Every New Mexico company must have a registered agent in New Mexico. Every LLC we form includes the first year of registered agent service for free. In future years, our agent service includes free use of our address and five pieces of free mail forwarding. For all this, we only charge $119 to be your agent.

The primary reason not to register the LLC yourself is the privacy aspect. We have clients call us every week who tried to save a few dollars doing it themselves. They quickly found out one mistake cost them more than money. Having us set up your LLC also provides you with a number of important documents and a help line in case you have any questions.

There are other providers. However, most of them tend to be large national incorporation companies. They charge more, take longer and care less than we do. Some of them are simply just resellers of local incorporation and virtual office providers such as us. There are no call center employees here, nor will you ever be passed off from one person to another.

The new tax laws bring benefits for pass through entities such as LLCs. For many, these savings cover the cost of formation. Limited liability companies have the most flexible taxation of any business entity. By default, they are taxed as pass through entities and not subject to double taxation.

What tax forms are needed for an LLC? Generally none because the company's earnings flow directly onto your personal income statement and the company does not file its own tax return or pay taxes. This is something those selling Wyoming LLCs and Nevada LLCs do not tell you... you cannot actually benefit from their lack of state taxes because where you live determines the tax rate.

Forming a limited liability company can both reduce your top line tax rate and increase the number of deductions you are eligible for, regardless of where you organize your company. These benefits make it even more disadvantageous to operate as a sole-proprietorship. Learn more here about New Mexico LLC taxes  and New Mexico Corporations  by clicking the respective links.

Only a few states actively compete for new business formations. You will commonly see these states touted online as a great place for e-commerce companies, real estate investors and holding companies. Each goes after its own share of the market with Wyoming and New Mexico being favorites for their low fees and privacy. Find which state is for you on our page comparing LLCs in New Mexico to Wyoming LLCs, Nevada LLCs and Delaware LLCs. There we address questions such as why you shouldn't form an LLC in Wyoming, are Wyoming LLCs anonymous and where is the best place to start an LLC?

What is the next step after filing an LLC? The first thing to do is sign your Operating Agreement. An operating agreement sets the rules for the company and should be signed by every member. If there is one member, then the agreement is relatively simple. This is because the member needs to establish a few guidelines, but does not need protection from other members.

For multi-member LLCs an operating agreement is more important. It defines the rules each owner and manager must follow, plus it defines the ownership percentages. It is important to establish these early on. Imagine waiting a few years down the road, after loans and distributions are made, without writing down who owns what.There will be transfers in and out, memories will fade and the judge will have a hard time determining who owns what percentage. While dramatic, this highlights the risk of not signing and updating your agreement.

The next questions is whether to choose a Member Managed Operating Agreement or a Manager Managed Agreement. This is a question of who manages the company day-to-day. Either the members (owners) or a manager(s) elected by the members. The key difference is in who makes daily decisions for the company, e.g. signing contracts and opening a bank account. Note, members may elect themselves as a manager if other partners want to remain silent. Follow our link to learn more about New Mexico LLC Operating Agreements.

An EIN is required if you are going to do business and enjoy the benefits of the LLC. A single member LLC may decline to obtain an EIN, but then all of the company and personal accounts will be linked. This lack of separation could create serious asset protection issues down the line. It also makes it harder to obtain the tax benefits listed above.

For these reasons, we advise every client obtain and EIN and open a bank account in the company's name. You may follow our free EIN guide (located in the "Resources" tab of the navigation bar), or you may have us obtain it for you. Discover more on our page about how to get an EIN for a NM LLC.

The idea behind the corporate veil is that a company is separate from its owner. The company may enter into contracts and assume debt. This separation helps protect the owners personal assets from business creditors. A corporate creditor cannot "pierce the veil" and go after the owner's personal assets. Anonymously owning an LLC also provides the benefit of making it harder for a creditor to prove what you own and go after your hard earned assets.

How do you start a small business in New Mexico? Through our portal you receive Articles of Organization, an Operating Agreement, Resolution to Open a Bank Account and more. We complete these document using your information. Other providers often supply templates which you must fill out. All of our New Mexico LLC forms are ready to print and sign! The way it should be.

New Mexico's Secretary of State has no requirements outside of maintaining a NM Registered Agent Service. This is the only thing required to avoiding having your New Mexico LLC be dissolved. On this page we also answer the question of how to dissolve an LLC in New Mexico.

This page addresses common questions such as "How much does it cost to form an LLC in New Mexico?". Learn more on our page about NM LLC annual fees and reports.

A sole-proprietorship is when you run a company using either your personal name or just a DBA. Sole-props pay MORE in taxes and have no corporate veil. This means if there is an accident or bad debt then you are PERSONALLY liable. Even seemingly simple hobbies would do well to consider forming a limited liability company. Even if you are the only owner, there are good reasons to form a New Mexico Single Member LLC.


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Awesome, attentive, fast, overall great service. It was simple, and she was always available via phone, or email to answer any of my questions. Even helped me to secure my foundation on the specific date I wanted.

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