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Form a New Mexico LLC

Forming an LLC is important for anyone in business. Not every state's LLCs are equal however. New Mexico offers the same asset protection as other states, but at a lower price while keeping your details anonymous. After formation, New Mexico never requires another corporate filing. This makes New Mexico limited liability companies the nation's cheapest to start and maintain.

Fees: $199 The First Year & $49 Every Year After
Time: Complete Our Form in 5 Minutes
Turn Around: We File Same Day

More Than Just LLC Formations

  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Anonymous Ownership
  • Online Document Center
  • Additional Filing Services
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  • Virtual Offices
  • Book Keeping

New Mexico LLC Advantages

New Mexico has become a leader in the incorporation community because of its low fees and reduced reporting requirements. New Mexico LLCs are formed anonymously with only our information showing. After setting up the LLC there are no annual reports to keep your company in good standing.

These features bring several benefits. Anonymous ownership means your personally identifying information will not end up in a searchable database somewhere. In an era where privacy is harder to attain, it's nice to know you can still obtain some true anonymity.

No additional filings also mean no additional fees. The only requirement is the company have a registered agent in New Mexico. The lack of an annual report make New Mexico Limited Liability Companies the cheapest LLCs in the U.S.A. As a result, the limited liability company cannot be administratively dissolved for failure to file required reports (since there are none).

This simplicity means after formation there is nothing to worry about. We also offer the ability to prepay several years of registered agent service. Buy four years to get the fifth free, this means you can focus on your company and not worry for 1,825 days! Form an LLC today and don't worry for five years. How does that sound?

Anonymous LLC Advantages

There are good reasons to desire private ownership, especially in the internet age. Public records used to be difficult to search. They were essentially stacks of paper in a warehouse somewhere. Today, public records, such as company ownership information, are easy to find online.

Whether you simply want some privacy, or want to hide from those who wish you harm, a New Mexico LLC is entirely private. Your information never goes into the public record. Only our name, address, phone and other information is disclosed. You don't have to justify wanting privacy. We believe it is normal and you have every right to pursue it. Learn more here about New Mexico LLC privacy.

Who Does Business in New Mexico?

  • Small Business Owners
  • Privacy Minded Individuals
  • Cost Conscious Investors

Limited Liability Company Benefits

Forming an LLC provides several benefits when compared to a sole-proprietorship or a corporation. Unlike sole-proprietorships, the owners of limited liability companies are not responsible for company debts. This means an accident at work doesn't have to cost you everything.

LLCs also have better tax treatment than sole-props and corporations. For many, these savings cover the cost of formation. Unlike, corporations, limited liability companies have reduced formalities. There is no board to staff, treasurer to appoint, nor quarterly meetings with minutes. This simplicity appeals to many.

Learn more about incorporating in New Mexico here. Some large enterprises may require a corporation. In those cases, please read our page on forming a New Mexico Corporation. Do know going in that corporations are not as broadly appealing as New Mexico LLCs.

LLC Taxes

Limited liability companies are by default taxed as pass through entities. This means they face no taxation at the corporate level. The taxes you pay will be determined by where you live, not where you form your company. New laws for pass through entities mean LLC owners enjoy fewer taxes than before. This should be taken as a general rule, and you should speak to an accountant about the particulars of your situation before undertaking any tax mitigation strategies.

Why our NM LLC Service?

There are other providers. However, most of them tend to be national providers. They charge more, take longer and care less than we do. Some of them are simply just resellers of local incorporation and virtual office providers such as us. There are no call center employees here, nor will you ever be passed off from one person to another. Then, in future years, you can save money with our very affordable $49 registered agent service.

Our New Mexico LLC Service Includes:

  • All Fees & Expenses
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Complete Anonymity
  • Use of Our Address
  • Articles of Organization
  • Operating Agreement
  • First Year of Registered Agent Service
What corporate endings are allowed?

New Mexico's Secretary of State requires every limited liability company name have end with a variation of "limited liability company" or "limited company". Such variations include but are not limited to LLC, Ltd. Liability Co., LL Company, Limited LC, etc. If you do not select one of these endings, then we will add LLC to make the name compliant.