1. New Mexico Annual Fees

New Mexico LLC Annual Fees =$0

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  1. New Mexico Annual Fees
  2. NM LLC Formation Fees
  3. New Mexico LLC Annual Fees
  4. Other Fees Such As Licenses
  5. Our Registered Agent Fee
  6. NM LLC Fee Schedule

New Mexico Limited Liability Companies have some of the lowest fees in the country. Our Secretary of State has made our jurisdiction one of the least expensive for doing business. Formations and additional filings have a nominal fee and there is no annual report (more on that below). Find additional New Mexico LLC advantages here.

NM LLC Formation Fees

You form an LLC in New Mexico  by filing your Articles of Organization with the New Mexico Secretary of State. The Articles may be mailed in or filed using their e-file system. The e-file system requires you to create an account and pay a deposit fee for convenience. This is charged when you fund your account. In either case, the filing fee is only $50.

Note, filing the Articles yourself means your name and signature will appear in the public record. Not every formation service will allow you to file using their name, but we do.

New Mexico LLC Annual Fees

New Mexico's LLC is highly sought after because there are no annual reports. No annual report also means no annual fee. The Secretary's only requirement is that you maintain a registered agent in New Mexico. So long as you have an agent your company will remain in good standing. Articles of Dissolution may be filed if you wish to formally wind down your limited liability company.

Other Fees Such As Licenses

A few counties in New Mexico do have a required business license. However, if you live in another state and are not physically operating here, then you will not need to worry about getting a business license in New Mexico. You will only need to maintain a registered agent in New Mexico to avoid being dissolved. For example, using a New Mexico LLC to anonymously title property or run an e-commerce store will not require you to obtain any licenses or pay any dues. This is just one of many benefit New Mexico LLCs enjoy.

Our Registered Agent Fee

Our registered agent fee is bundled into both the LLC formation cost and the renewal price. This is less than most national providers.

NM LLC Fee Schedule

Find miscellaneous fees your New Mexico LLC may incur during its normal course of business here:

  • Amend Articles $50
  • Reserving a Name $20
  • Name Change $50
  • Restating Articles $50
  • Address Change $20
  • Apostille (Per Document) $3
  • Trade Name $20
  • Reinstatement $25
  • Dissolution $25