1. Delaware Registered Agent

Delaware Registered Agent

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  1. Delaware Registered Agent
  2. What Does a Delaware Registered Agent Do?
  3. Why You Need a Registered Agent in Delaware
  4. How to Choose a Registered Agent in Delaware
  5. Who Can Be a Registered Agent in Delaware?
  6. What Happens If You Don’t Have a Registered Agent

When forming a business, the registered agent is someone that is responsible for receiving process notes, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications. This might include tax documents and even notices of lawsuits. The registered agent may be an owner, but can also be a responsible third-party. This person must be located in the same state in which the corporation, LLC, or partnership was formed.

What Does a Delaware Registered Agent Do?

Every business entity needs a registered agent. Whether that is for a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or partnership. The registered agent may be called different names in different states. Some of these include a resident agent, a statutory agent, or an agent for service of process.

Hold a Presence in the State of Formation

The registered agent holds many responsibilities, but the first is to provide a presence in the state in which the business entity exists. This is important in order to accept the service of process.

Accept Legal Documents

The registered agent will also accept legal and documents on behalf of the business. This is extremely important when it comes to time-sensitive matters.

Ensure You Never Miss Information

Having a registered agent will make sure that you will never miss information such as tax payments, lawsuits, or judgments.

Provide Services

Good registered agents will also provide services such as aiding in company formations, book-keeping, accounting, virtual offices, and mail handling.

Stay in Compliance With The Law

Your registered agent should help you to find legal professionals or accountants in your state.

Keep Copies of Documents

In case of theft, natural disaster, or some other loss, your registered agent should keep copies. This backup will provide you the ability to keep important business and legal documents safe regardless of what occurs.

Focus on Your Business

Registered agents help to give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business. This will also help you to maintain a good work-life balance.

Form an LLC in Any State

If you act as your own registered agent then you will only be able to form an LLC where you reside. With a registered agent in another state, you can form an LLC or corporation wherever you choose to.

Why You Need a Registered Agent in Delaware

  • Avoid putting your address online
  • Never be served in front of family and friends
  • Assistance with additional services
  • Less responsibility
  • More flexibility
  • Form LLC in multiple states

How to Choose a Registered Agent in Delaware

There are a few qualities that you need to look for in a registered agent if you are choosing to go with a company rather than someone you know personally.

  1. Compliance management: This person (or company) should remind you to file an annual report, but also remind you of other important deadlines.
  2. Management of documents: All official documents should be scanned and sent to you so that you can easily access everything.
  3. Availability: Reliable registered agents should be available so you can contact them, but also so that they can be contacted in reference to your documents.
  4. Coverage: Paid registered agents should be able to provide services in all 50 states, but at least within the state you have formed your business in.

Who Can Be a Registered Agent in Delaware?

There are different registered agent requirements from state to state, but generally, either an individual or business entity may serve as a company’s registered agent. When choosing a registered agent they must meet the following registered agent requirements:

  1. Be 18 years or older
  2. Hold a physical address or office location in the state where the business is conducted
  3. Available (in person) during normal business hours

Can You Assign Yourself as a Registered Agent in Delaware?

Although you can choose to designate an officer, a member of your business, or a friend as your registered agent, it is also possible to be your own registered agent when it comes to an LLC. Overall it is recommended to hire someone who is experienced as a reliable registered agent. This will allow you to feel secure in your business.

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What Happens If You Don’t Have a Registered Agent

Having a registered agent is essential because, without one, the state will dissolve your company and you will lose credibility. You need to have a registered agent.