1. Form a Florida LLC

Form a Florida LLC

Table Of Contents

  1. Form a Florida LLC
  2. Same Day Florida LLC
  3. Benefits of Your Florida LLC
  4. What Our LLC Package Includes
  5. Consider a Holding Company
  6. Anonymous Florida LLC Perks
  7. Florida Registered Agent Service

When you choose our professional LLC formation service, forming your own Florida LLC becomes a quick and easy process. Not only do we have many years of LLC experience and knowledge, but we can take care of every step associated with forming and maintaining your limited liability company. This includes filing your Articles of Organization, drafting your operating agreement, and even serving as your registered agent in the state of Florida.

Same Day Florida LLC

Not only can we help with every aspect of your LLC formation, but we also offer a same-day filing option. Our same-day filing plan starts at $99 plus state fees, and we will file everything within 24 hours of receiving your request. This same-day option takes all the time and effort out of your LLC formation process. Additionally, it provides the same privacy protection as our other filing options.

Benefits of Your Florida LLC

When you form your Florida LLC correctly and maintain its good standing, the LLC structure offers you several benefits in return. In Florida, your LLC can be completely anonymous. This can provide protection for your personal information, as well as your financial assets. Additionally, choosing the right LLC provider can mean a big difference in the services you receive. As your Florida LLC provider, we offer the following formation advantages:

  1. Anonymous formation of your LLC.
  2. Formation done completely online.
  3. Same-day filing option.
  4. No trip to Florida or U.S. required.
  5. LLC formed for S-Corps tax structure.
  6. LLC formed for C-Corps tax structure.

What Our LLC Package Includes:

If you are interested in using an LLC provider, you will want to be careful in your decision, as they are not all equal in either service or cost. We are a straightforward pricing provider that will never upsell. We are also one of the only local LLC providers in Florida. National providers often end up reselling your formation request to local services like our own. Additionally, they may add additional fees or require that you publish unnecessary personal information.

Our LLC services offer:

  1. A discrete and anonymous formation.
  2. A free business address.
  3. Our name is listed as the organizer.
  4. Drafting your operating agreement.
  5. Drafting your Articles of Organization.
  6. Resolution of your bank account.
  7. Business operating guide.
  8. Assistance with annual compliance.

Consider a Holding Company

If you require additional asset protection beyond what an LLC can provide, you may consider forming a holding company. Your holding company can establish subsidiaries to handle real estate transactions and other risk-prone operations. This structure allows protection for your personal assets by separating them from your operating liabilities.

Anonymous Florida LLC Perks

While Florida is a leading US state in terms of disclosure and transparency laws, there still exists the possibility to form a completely anonymous LLC. Florida’s public records law dictates that a Florida LLC must disclose its owner in the formation documents. With this in mind, you have the option of listing us through our nominee agreement, or you have the option of forming an anonymous LLC in a different state, and then listing it as the owner of your Florida LLC. Both are effective options for creating an anonymous Florida LLC.

There are a number of reasons why an individual might require anonymity with their LLC. In the digital age, more and more reasons amass by the day. With business records now easily available for search online, listing us or an anonymous LLC as the owner of your company will provide a barrier of protection for your personal information.

Beyond these perks, we offer more than just LLCs:

  • Mail scanning service
  • Online portal viewer
  • Virtual office option
  • Registered agent service
  • Professional Bookkeeping
  • ...And more.

Florida Registered Agent Service

Keep in mind that all Florida companies are required to maintain a registered agent. If you do not wish to serve as your own registered agent, each of our LLC formations includes our registered agent service for a year. When you choose us as your registered agent, your personal address can remain private.