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New Mexico LLC Anonymity

Many form LLCs in New Mexico due to the anonymity they afford. Neither the government, your neighbors nor your family will know who owns the company. We do not share your information with anyone.

Would you consider broadcasting your bank account, home address and other information on Facebook, or somewhere else people can easily find? Of course you wouldn't. So, then, why would you form a company in another state which essentially forces you to do the same?

Is It "ok" To Be Anonymous?

We believe the pursuit of privacy is more justifiable than ever. This is largely because public records have moved online, and with it all of your personal information if you are not careful. It is completely justifiable to enforce your right to privacy. It doesn't mean for a single moment that you are "up to no good" if you want to keep your affairs private.

Did you know a two lawsuits are filed every minute, and those with wealth are more likely to be targets? Whether it's friends, creditors, neighbors or family, your assets will be safe. We can protect your identity and encourage you to take the opportunity.

How Private is A N.M. LLC?

  • No Members Listed
  • No Managers Listed
  • No Officers Listed
  • No Directors Listed
  • No Address Listed
  • No Phone Listed
  • No Email Listed
  • No Personal Info Listed
  • Remain Anonymous

Why Form an Anonymous Limited Liability Company?

A primary reason to register a private company is to fight back against creditors. Most often, attorneys will seek the "lowest hanging fruit". This means if your assets are easy to find, then you are an easy target. If a creditor has to engage in research and try to find you in another state, then you are much less appealing.

Another reason is because not everyone wants their friends, family and neighbors to know exactly what they are up to. That is just fine by us.

Anonymous New Mexico LLC Formations

There are a few states which actively pursue incorporations. They are Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming and New Mexico. Each state offers its own benefits, but the first three severely overcharge. Their upfront fees are usually hundreds of dollars, plus there is an annual report each year which asks for more money. Nevada pretends to be private, but they ask for a list of members each year and promise they won't share it. However, with the government you never really know.

This is how New Mexico's Secretary of State is different. The Limited Liability Companies here are easy to start and very cheap to maintain. They never ask for member, managers or even a place of business. They keep their companies as private as possible to our benefit. Learn more about forming an anonymous New Mexico LLC here.

What Information Does the Secretary of State Require?

Limited Liability Companies in the state of New Mexico are private by default. The Secretary of State only wants to know of the Organizer for the limited liability company - which is us. Corporations only have to list an incorporation for the first year, and can utilize our nominee services in the future. This way neither acquaintances, family members nor creditors will be able to see your information.

We also pay the State, meaning the money trail will end with us as well. This helps you by stopping another possible piece of information from being compromised. In the years that follow, New Mexico does not have tax return requirements for LLC with members in other states, nor does it require other reports where you have to disclose your identity. You are only required to maintain a registered agent in New Mexico to continue protecting your identity.

Final Thoughts

We have a number of resource articles on topics such as how to open a bank account for an anonymous LLC, how to establish a business phone and more on our page concerning incorporating in New Mexico. You can also learn more about forming a New Mexico LLC, setting up a virtual office, and our mail forwarding service by following the respective links.

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