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Use Our Information

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Complete Privacy

New Mexico LLC Anonymity: The Basics

Many people form New Mexico LLCs due to the anonymity they afford. Neither the government, your neighbors, creditors, nor your family will know who owns the company. When you start a business anonymously with our help, we do not share your private information with anyone.

Anyone who chooses to form an anonymous LLC in New Mexico using our services can rest assured that their information will remain private. Would you consider broadcasting your bank account details, home address, or other private information on Facebook or anywhere else online where people can easily find it? Of course you wouldn't. So, why would you form a company in a state that essentially forces you to do that?

At Cindy's New Mexico LLC Formation Service, we form every LLC privately, and our New Mexico registered agent service is designed to shield your identity. We can also help you use a holding company or use a "double LLC" to set up anonymously in Florida or other states.

Is it OK to Start a Business Anonymously?

We believe that the pursuit of privacy is more justifiable than ever. This is largely because public records have moved online, and this can include all of your personal information if you're not careful. It's completely reasonable to enforce your right to privacy by forming an anonymous company. Remaining anonymous and wanting to keep your personal finances privatedoes not mean nefarious and we work hard to dispel that misunderstanding.

Did you know that two lawsuits are filed every minute, and those with wealth are more likely to be targeted? Your assets will be safe when you create a New Mexico anonymous LLC. We can help you to use a private LLC to protect your identity.


Why Start an Anonymous Company?

primary reason to register a private, anonymous limited company is to fight back against creditors. Most often, attorneys will seek the lowest hanging fruit. This means that if your assets are easy to find, then you are an easy target. If a creditor has to engage in research to try to find your anonymous company address in another state, then you are a much less appealing target.

Another reason is that not everyone wants their friends, family, and neighbors to know exactly what they are up to. That's just fine by us. A New Mexico anonymous limited liability company allows you to do just that. Plus, NM has the advantage of being a significantly less expensive place to set up an LLC than other popular states like Nevada or Delaware.


How Private Is a N.M. LLC?

  • No members or managers listed
  • No officers or directors listed
  • No shareholders or owners listed
  • No phone, address, or email address listed
  • No personal info listed
  • No EIN listed
  • Only list the organizer (us)
  • Remain anonymous

Private LLC Formations in NM vs. Other States

There are a few other states that actively pursue new incorporations, such as Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming. Each state offers its own benefits, but these three other states overcharge. Their upfront fees are usually hundreds of dollars, plus there is an annual report each year that asks for more money. In New Mexico, you are only required to maintain a registered agent, which is something every state requires. There are no annual New Mexico LLC fees, reports, or filings required.

Nevada pretends to be private, but they ask for a list of members each year, with the promise they won't share it. However, with the government, you never really know: They could always suffer a data breach, which would unexpectedly compromise your identity and your anonymous company information.

This is how New Mexico's secretary of state is different. One of the key New Mexico LLC advantages is that limited liability companies here are easy to start and very inexpensive to maintain. They never ask for details about members, managers, or even your place of business. They keep their companies as private as possible, to our benefit.


What Information Does the Secretary of State Require?

Limited liability companies in the state of New Mexico are private by default. The secretary of state only wants to know of the organizer for the New Mexico anonymous LLC, which is us. Corporations only have to list an incorporator. We also pay the state, meaning that the money trail will end with us, too. This helps you by stopping another possible piece of information from being compromised.

In the years that follow, New Mexico does not have tax return requirements for LLCs with members in other states, nor does it require other reports in which you have to disclose your identity. You are only required to maintain a registered agent in New Mexico to continue protecting your identity.


Start Your Anonymous Company Today

At Cindy's New Mexico LLC Formation Service, we can help you set up a business anonymously, quickly, and easily. We'll set you up with our same-day LLC formation service, assist you with setting up a virtual office, and even help you figure out details like how to open a bank account for an anonymous LLC. Contact us today to get started with your new business!