1. Registered Agent in Florida

Registered Agent in Florida

Table Of Contents

  1. Registered Agent in Florida
  2. Benefits of Designating a Registered Agent
  3. What Responsibilities Does the Registered Agent Have?
  4. Requirements for Your Florida Registered Agent
  5. Choosing the Right Florida Registered Agent

If you operate a company in the state of Florida, such as an LLC, that company is required to have a registered agent. The role of the registered agent is to be available for receipt of important documents on the company’s behalf. For your company’s initial report filing with the state, only the registered agent’s information is required to appear online on behalf of your company. For subsequent years, however, additional information is required.

If you are interested in forming an anonymous LLC in the state of Florida, enlisting a registered agent service is a necessary step in order to limit the amount of information that appears in connection with your company documents online.

Benefits of Designating a Registered Agent

When forming a company, it is required that you disclose the information of your registered agent. So, if you elect to serve as your own agent, that means your personal information will be made available online. In the event that your business is home-based, then your home address will also be visible. This matter of privacy is just one of the reasons why many people choose a registered agent service to fulfill this role, instead.

Other benefits of designating a registered agent include consistency and professionalism. For example, even if the physical address of your business changes, your registered agent address will remain the same, insuring receipt of any important documents for your business. Additionally, a registered agent must sometimes receive potentially embarrassing notifications, such as legal notices. Rather than this receipt taking place in front of friends or employees, the receipt can occur at our attorney offices.

A sometimes-overlooked benefit is the everyday maintenance that a qualified registered agent can provide your company. Designating an experienced agent means you never have to worry about your personal information being kept private, your documents being delivered in a timely manner, or your good-standing with the state of Florida. Our registered agent service takes care of everything, including the availability of an online document portal, compliance reminders, and free mail scanning.

What Responsibilities Does the Registered Agent Have?

When choosing your registered agent, be sure that the individual or company you designate can fulfill the following official responsibilities:

  1. Be available for receipt of official documents and other important papers for your business. These documents might include important license renewals, tax notices, or annual report details.
  2. Notify your business of receipt of official documents and ensure those documents are forwarded to your business so that appropriate action can be taken.
  3. Maintain normal business hours at the registered address, so as to be available to receive official documents and service of process on behalf of the company.

The responsibilities outlined here are the official duties of your registered agent. Any additional duties carried out by your agent must be decided upon between you and your agent. If you enlist a registered agent service, there may be additional responsibilities available for you to utilize, such as assistance with your annual report, phone answering services, mail scanning services, and others.

Requirements for Your Florida Registered Agent

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to serve as registered agent in the state of Florida. For starters, you must be either a company or resident of Florida with a valid Florida address. Any companies or individuals that reside outside of the state are ineligible to perform this role for your company. Additionally, the individual or company that you designate must maintain a Florida address while serving in this role. The address must be a physical Florida address. It cannot be a private mailbox or post office box. Finally, the registered agent must be available at this address during normal business hours for receipt of any important documents.

Choosing the Right Florida Registered Agent

If you are a resident of Florida and want to serve as the registered agent of your Florida company, you have the option of doing so. There are many reasons, however, why people choose a registered agent service instead.

Privacy Concerns: The information of your registered agent, such as name, address, and other contact information becomes publicly available.

Consistent Presence: A registered agent service maintains its address in the event that your business moves. This means no worries about missed notifications or late fees.

Professional Service: Trust an expert to keep your information private and your forms filed correctly and on time.

In order for your Florida company to remain active and in good standing, it must maintain a registered agent. Simply thinking of this role as a requirement that must be met, however, can end up being a costly mistake. An experienced professional in this role can prove to be an invaluable resource for your company. Our Registered Agent Service is a safe and smart choice.