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Most of our LLC and Corporate clients are either out of state, or do not wish to hand out their personal address. This is either because of privacy or due to their wanting to use our professional business address. In either case, rest assured as we happily provide mail forwarding services, mail scanning and virtual offices.

Use Our Address

  • Use our address on business cards, websites, invoices, etc.
  • Don’t pay a national provider who resells services like us.
  • Don’t settle for a Post Office Box or virtual address.

Free Mail Forwarding

All of our registered agent clients receive five pieces of free mail scanning per year. This includes clients for whom we have formed their New Mexico LLC. We provide limited scanning free of charge and physical forwarding only costs postage.

Unlimited Mail Scanning & Forwarding

Those who expect a higher volume of mail can opt for one of our unlimited packages. We offer daily, weekly and monthly mailing packages. We scan by default, but you may select forwarding if required. Forwarding only ever costs postage and we do not charge extra for international mail forwarding.

What About a Virtual Office?

Looking for more than just a mail service? We can set up a virtual office which provides unlimited mail handling, a commercial lease agreement and a business phone number.

Who Uses Mailing Services?

A wide variety of companies enjoy using our services. Some are privacy minded and don't want to hand out their personal address. Others wish to put the best foot forward and decide our professional business address is the best way to do so. Still others travel frequently and do not have a reliable address for receiving packages. Regardless of your reasons, we are happy to help handle your mail.

Additional Corporate Services

Beyond handling packages and envelopes, we can assist you with a variety of services. We can form your LLC, act as your agent and handle your books. Click the following links to learn more:

What Is a Registered Agent?
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