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  1. Hide Your Identity With an Anonymous LLC

Hide Your Identity With an Anonymous LLC

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Hide Your Identity With an Anonymous LLC

In recent years there has been a growing awareness of privacy's importance. We all know it is a fundamental right, but exercising this right during the digital age is increasingly difficult. Leaving a digital, and thus searchable, footprint should be avoided when at all possible. Some perceive this "going off the grid" mentality as being rooted in paranoia. This may have been true a generation ago before the internet. Today, minimizing the publicly available information about you is just smart business.

You Are Right to Desire Anonymity

There is no law stating you must make your private life available to the public. In fact, you are entitled to shield much of what you do from public scrutiny. The problem is most people don't know the steps to take and sometimes even feel bad or as if they are doing something "dirty". We often hear people clarify they are not making trouble, they just want a little privacy. We understand and are happy to help. Learn more about our  Anonymous LLC  here.

New Mexico LLC Privacy

  • No Listing of Owners/Managers
  • No Listing of Address
  • No Listing of Phone or Email
  • List Only The Registered Agent's Information (us)

Who Should You Hide From

This is a potentially long list, but will be different for everyone. Some people have known issues and are trying to make a fresh start. This can be from aggressive creditors or an ex-spouse who will not let you move on. In such cases, you know who is chasing you and you know how much or how little effort they will put in.

Others have not yet had an issue, but know they could become a target. Unfortunately, almost anyone can become a target. Ambulance chasing attorneys, nosy neighbors, need family, the government and online trolls are just someone common attackers. Further, what is legal now may eventually change and at that point it would be wise to have as little information about your activities public as possible. For example, just look at recent changes in gun laws and proposed changes to pornography laws. What you do in private could soon be held against you if you're not careful.


Anonymously Titling Property

New Mexico limited liability companies are popular for the privacy minded. This is due to their strict privacy laws and their lack of annual renewal fees. If you only seek privacy, then an LLC may be used to anonymously title assets such as a personal home or car. For the best privacy, every asset should be in its own LLC which is not publicly tied to the other LLCs. This is an example of a shell company, or a company formed to hide beneficial owners. Such uses are similar to a revocable land or personal property trust.

Nominee Services

We are happy to offer nominee services to our clients. Our nominee services includes document signing and using our name as a manager or officer when needed for public documents. For example, you may list our name for trademark applications and other documents which will or could be made public. We charge $150 for the first document and $50 for each additional, or you may purchase 20 documents for $600. This service may be used in conjunction with anonymously forming an llc to further enhance your privacy while doing business.

What Information Does the Secretary of State Require?

The New Mexico Secretary of State requires no personal information from owners or managers. They only ask that the agent's information be made public and that the Organizer list their name. We list ourselves as the organizer to keep you out of the public record.


Final Thoughts

Wanting to hide your identity online using an LLC is a common and smart tactic. There is no shame in wanting to keep private details about your life from being easy to find online. Forming an anonymous LLC can be viewed as the first step towards living a more private life. Neighbors, family and creditors can be left guessing rather than knowing precisely what you do and do not own.