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New Mexico Nominee Services

Table Of Contents

  1. Nominee Services
  2. Who Uses Nominees?
  3. Example Uses
  4. Who Should You Hide From
  5. What Can't We Sign?
  6. Nominee Services
  7. Prices
  8. Final Thoughts

A nominee is an individual or organization whose name is used for filings that may become public. The name satisfies the requirement that someone be listed, without the beneficial owner's information needing to appear. A simple example would be our LLC formation service. There we list ourselves as the Organizer, rather than our client's name so that the LLC remains anonymous.

The simplest way to think of a nominee is as a representative of the company. This representative is a placeholder and does not own or control the entity. They are simply used as a public face for the company's affairs.

Who Uses Nominees?

Nominees are surprisingly common and don't mean you are "up to no good". In fact, everyone who forms an LLC with us uses our nominee service since all companies are formed privately by default. Additional uses are for those in risky or looked down upon industries, e.g. adult entertainment or political blog writers. In each case, they are private citizens wanting to enjoy their lives free from public scrutiny. It is not our job to decide whether clients are living a "moral" life. Some people don't want family to know and some just want the freedom to express themselves without a stranger being able to google everything about them.

Example Uses

  • Filing For a Trademark
  • Registering a Website
  • Signing a Lease or Contract
  • Forming an LLC (including in other states)

Who Should You Hide From

The better question is what shouldn't you be hiding from? We don't say this to scare you, but to highlight the litigious nature of our society. Those seeking to sue or troll will often go after the low hanging fruit. By going just a little further and making your identity more discrete, you can make yourself less of a target. Like the old joke, you don't have to run faster than the bear... you just need to avoid being the slowest in your group.

What Can't We Sign?

We cannot sign financial forms. For example, one client was receiving a large transfer of funds from overseas and wanted to list us as the beneficial recipient of the funds and owner of the account. This is not something we are able to do. We can sign contracts, but we cannot be listed as the owner of bank accounts. This is to protect you and us.

Nominee Services

We are happy to offer nominee services to our clients. Our nominee services include document signing and using our name as a manager or officer when needed for public documents. For example, you may list our name for trademark applications and other documents that will or could be made public. The rate depends on the type of document, and how many, but generally starts at $150. For this service we refer you to an attorney for additional privacy protection. This service may be used after anonymously forming an LLC to enhance your privacy further while doing business.

Final Thoughts on New Mexico Nominee Services

Publicly displaying your information cannot help, it can only hurt. Even if you have done nothing wrong it will make you more of a target. If you want to know more please view our page on anonymous LLCs or contact us today.