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New Mexico LLC Anonymity

A lot of people form an LLC in New Mexico because of its privacy laws. With this article, you will learn about what to expect from your privacy and who will know what. It is completely justifiable to enforce your right to privacy. It doesn't mean for a single moment that you are "up to no good" if you want to keep your affairs private. And, since public information is easily searchable, it's more justifiable than ever!

Protect Your Identity

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Anonymous Ownership

Limited Liability Companies in the state of New Mexico are private by default. The Secretary of State only wants to know of the organizer for the LLC, that being us, while membership information is not disclosed. Corporations only have to list an incorporation for the first year, and can utilize our nominee services in the future. This way neither acquaintances, family members nor creditors will be able to see your information.

What does the Secretary of State know?

The New Mexico Secretary of State doesn't requireme a list of managers or members, they only require the organizer of the LLC to be listed. Long story short, this means our own name and address will show up in the Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Organization, not your own.

We also pay the State, meaning the money trail will end with us as well. This helps you by stopping another possible piece of information from being compromised. In the years that follow, New Mexico does not have tax return requirements for LLC with members in other states, nor does it require other reports where you have to disclose your identity. You are only required to maintain a registered agent to continue protecting your identity.

Is Anonymity ok?

Don't doubt it for a second. You have every right to privacy, and should take advantage of it. There's no need to publicly disclose everything you own. Keeping a low profile can protect you. The flashier and wealthier individuals in society are targets.

Did you know a two lawsuits are filed every minute, and those with wealth are more likely to be targets? Whether it's friends, creditors, neighbors or family, your assets will be safe from a simple search. We can protect your identity and encourage you to take the opportunity. Privacy is just one of many benefits New Mexico offers. Learn more about the advantages here.

What do we know?

We're required to keep updated information on the managers and owners of the LLC as your registered agent. This is meant only for our records and won't be disclosed to third parties.

What does the government know?

If you need an EIN, the IRS will require you to have an SSN or another EIN. The IRS won't disclose this information to anybody that doesn't have a court order, and it's not accessible creditors, or even by other government agencies. Keep in mind what Benjamin said about death and taxes. LLC privacy in New Mexico isn't meant for tax evasion purposes.

Foreign Owners

Foreign parties do not have access to information about beneficial owners of LLCs in New Mexico. To access it, they would have to secure legal representation in the state of New Mexico. Keep a legal or tax expert on retainer for all the reporting requirements that are specific to your own situation.

Final Thoughts

Learn more about forming a New Mexico LLC, our virtual office services, incorporating and more.