1. New Mexico Business Name Search

New Mexico Business Name Search

Table Of Contents

  1. New Mexico Business Name Search
  2. Searching for New Mexico Business Name Availability
  3. Searching for a Specific New Mexico Business
  4. Choosing a Name for Your New Mexico Business

When forming a business in the state of New Mexico, finding a suitable name is an important initial step. Not only do you want a name that accurately reflects your business and is attractive to potential investors and customers, but you also need to ensure that the name is unique from all other registered entities in the state.

To achieve this, you can conduct an entity search through the New Mexico Secretary of State website. By using this free search tool you can check the availability of potential business names in the state, as well as additional information about New Mexico businesses. We also provide a free name search as your New Mexico agent.

There are two different methods you can use when searching entities on the Secretary of State website: by name and entity ID. We’ll cover both methods here, as well as some important factors you should consider when naming your business.

Searching for New Mexico Business Name Availability

To check the availability of your desired business name, there are a few simple steps that you’ll need to complete.

To get started, head to the Business Search Page of the New Mexico Secretary of State website.


Here, you’ll notice that you have the option to search by Entity Name/ DBA Name or Business ID #. Also, be aware that you can modify your search by choosing Starts With, Exact Match, or Contains at the top.

It’s a good idea to use all three options to ensure a thorough search. Start with an exact match search to see if your business name choice is available, then broaden your search to starts with and contains to make sure there isn’t anything too similar or conflicting to your choice.

When you enter your choice and click Search, you’ll receive a list of results for any entity name matches. If there are no matches for the name you have searched, you’ll receive an alert that reads: “No data found.”

On the other hand, if there are matches, you’ll see a list of search results that provide the following information for any corresponding entities:

  • Entity Name
  • DBA Name
  • Business ID #
  • Entity Type
  • State of Incorporation
  • Sovereign
  • Status
  • Date of Expiration

Additionally, you can click on the names of the entities for further information, such as their standing with the state, contact information, registered agent information, and more. Note that this page offers all of the information made publicly available by the Secretary of State.

Searching for a Specific New Mexico Business

The business entity search can also be used for reasons beyond searching name availability. For example, you can search for information pertaining to a specific New Mexico entity. Whether you want to see information about your own business or another, you can use the business name search to find these details.

You will notice that below the Entity Name/ DBA Name search bar, there is the option to search by Business ID #.

Note that you have the option to use Starts With or Contains for the Business ID # search, as well, which will yield a broader set of results. However, when you enter a specific business ID number you should receive a single search result. Click on the business name provided in the results to see all of the publicly available information.

Choosing a Name for Your New Mexico Business

Choosing a good name can go a long way for your business. You’ll want to pick a name that is aimed at your given industry, product, service, etc. while also inspiring confidence in your potential customers, investors, partners, and so on.

Beyond these considerations, there are a few rules you must follow when naming your business. As we mentioned earlier, your business name must be unique from other registered entities in the state of New Mexico. This is why it’s important you conduct a thorough name search using the Business Name Search on the Secretary of State website.

Additionally, if you’re forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you must include the words “Limited Liability Company” or “LLC” in the business name. Typically, this signifier is found at the end of the name.

Note, however, that when choosing a unique name, the addition of the words “Limited Liability Company” or “LLC” is not enough to differentiate it from another business with the same name. The same is true for the use of punctuation, symbols, abbreviations, and articles like: “A”, “An”, “The”, etc.

In certain cases, you may decide to use a DBA name (“Doing Business As”) for your business. A DBA name will be different from the official name that you register with the state. DBA names can be utilized to accomplish a number of different objectives. For example, your LLC may be registered under an official name with the state, yet have a more familiar public facing name to customers. You might also use a DBA for a specific line of your business for marketing reasons, administrative reasons, and more. These differences are something we are happy to consult on as your registered agent.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re just in the preparation stages of forming your business, the New Mexico Secretary of State does allow you to reserve a business name until you’re ready to officially form your company.