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  1. New Mexico Entity Name Reservation

What Is an Entity Name Reservation?

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What Is an Entity Name Reservation?

An entity name reservation allows you to protect the rights to your preferred entity name prior to your official entity filing and formation with the state of New Mexico.

While you’re not required to file a name reservation as part of your entity formation process, there are a few scenarios in which it might prove useful. For example, if you’re still a few months off from filing your formation articles with the state but you want to ensure your desired name is available when it’s time, filing an entity name reservation can achieve this.

Based on the type of entity for which you’re filing the reservation (LLC, corporation, or partnership), there are some differences when it comes to process and fees. As your registered agent  we are happy to detail the appropriate reservation steps and associated fees below.

Steps for Reserving a New Mexico Entity Name

In order to successfully reserve an entity name in New Mexico, there are a few steps that you’ll have to follow. To get started and to save yourself some time in the long run, be sure to conduct a thorough entity name search. If your desired name is already in use by another New Mexico entity, your reservation filing will be immediately rejected.

Once you have a suitable name that is unique from all other registered New Mexico entities, you’ll need to fill out a reservation application. There are distinct applications for LLCs, corporations, and nonprofits, so choose the one that applies to your entity. Both can be found on the New Mexico Secretary of State’s website here:

Application for Reservation of a Domestic Limited Liability Company Name:

Application for Reservation of a Domestic Profit Corporate Name:

Application for Reservation of a Domestic Nonprofit Corporate Name:

There are also distinct filing fees for each entity type, as well. LLCs must submit a $20 filing fee, corporations must submit a $25 filing fee, and nonprofits must submit a $10 filing fee. In all cases, filing fees should be made out to the New Mexico Secretary of State and paid by either check or money order.

Once you have submitted your application and filing fee, and your application has been accepted, your entity name will be reserved for 120 days.

Note that the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office does not have a specific form to reserve an entity name when it comes to partnerships. However, you still have the ability to reserve a partnership name. Simply submit a document to the Partnership Unit of the Secretary of State’s office that contains the following:

  • The name you wish to reserve for your partnership.
  • Applicant name, address, and signature.
  • $50 filing fee made out to New Mexico Secretary of State.

New Mexico Entity Name Reservation: Fee Breakdown

All entity name reservations must be filed with the New Mexico Secretary of State Corporations Bureau. The filing fee will vary slightly based on your entity type. Here are the New Mexico entity name reservation filing fees based on entity:

  • LLC: $20
  • Corporation: $25
  • Nonprofit: $10

Submit your filing fee along with your Application for Reservation of Corporate Name form. Once your filing is completed successfully, your entity name will be reserved for 120 days. Additionally, you can complete a registration renewal using the same form to extend your entity name reservation. The fee for registration renewal is $10. As your registered agent  we are happy to help with this.