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How to L.L.C. Name Search for Your Company?

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How to L.L.C. Name Search for Your Company?

Picture this: you’ve spent most of your week wrapping up the details of your new L.L.C. Now you’re sitting in front of your work desk racking your brain to provide it with the perfect name. As you note down your top names, you realize one thing; you don’t know the ins and outs of L.L.C. naming.

Naming your L.L.C. can be a fun yet troublesome task. There are several rules involved when it comes to searching for your L.L.C. business name. It has to be unique, creative, and easy to remember; however, the process is somewhat complicated.

But worry not! We’re here to guide you through the world of L.L.C. naming. Ready? Let’s dive in

Here, we’ve devised an extensive guide to help you through the L.L.C. name search for your business.

What Does L.L.C. Name Search Mean?

Limited Liability Companies (L.L.C.) is a business model in which owners are not personally liable for any company debt or asset-liability. It is one of the most common business structures in America, and therefore, finding an unregistered L.L.C. business name is problematic.

Moreover, it has to be compliant with state rules, and all the while stay unique as well.

Rules to Remember When Naming Your L.L.C. in New Mexico

Before you start brainstorming names for your L.L.C., it’s essential you know all the rules regarding the process. We’ve briefly discussed some of these rules

Your L.L.C. Name Should Be Unique

The first rule of creating a name for your L.L.C.business in New Mexico is that it should be distinguishable.

It would be best to ensure another L.L.C. or business doesn’t already take your chosen L.L.C. name for starters. Click on the NM SOS website to search whether the name you chose is already in use or not.

Your L.L.C. Name Should Not Match with Other Business Names

Rule number two, it shouldn’t be in any way similar to another L.L.C. or business’s name. When your LLC. examiner scans your business name; they won’t take the following things into account:

  • Designators
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Articles and Conjunctions aka a, an, &, and, the, etc
  • Special Characters and Symbols
  • Singular and Plural words
  • Abbreviations
  • Suffixes

Your L.L.C. Should Not Contain Certain Abbreviations and Suffixes

There are certain abbreviations and words you can’t use in your New Mexico L.L.C. name. These include the following:

  • Inc. or Incorporated
  • Partnership
  • Corp. or Corporation
  • L.P. or L.P.
  • L.L.P. or L.L.P.
  • Bank
  • Trust
  • Insurer
  • Insurance Company

Moreover, you need to ensure your L.L.C. name does not sound like a Corporation or other business types. Nor should it sound like a government agency. Furthermore, you cannot use words like Police, Federal, U.S.A., City, or anything remotely misleading.

Your L.L.C. Should Contain a Designator

On the contrary, your L.L.C. name needs to include a designator. New Mexico rules allow you to choose from the following list:

  • L.L.C.
  • L.L.C
  • L.C.
  • L.C.
  • Ltd. Co.
  • Limited Co.
  • Ltd. Company
  • Limited Liability
  • Limited Liability Co.
  • Limited Liability Company

Typically, your designator is written at the end of your L.L.C. name.

Your L.L.C. Should Contain a Comma

The fifth rule is; the name may include a comma; however, it is not essential. The New Mexico rules allow you to make your own choice here.

You can use commas in the following ways:

X.Y.Z. Real Estate, LLC

XYZ Real Estate L.L.C.

Other New Mexico L.L.C. Name May Include Other Restrictions

Last but not least, some other general restrictions may be applied to your L.L.C. name. It includes:

  • Names similar to federal, New Mexico Organization, or agency are prohibited. For example, F.B.I., New Mexico Police, F.D.A., etc.
  • Names that sound like a federal or state agency or organization cannot be used either.
  • The term ‘Olympic’ or others like this that are trademarks of the Olympic organization are not allowed.
  • A name suggesting an illegal purpose of your business may cause L.L.C. examiners to reject your name as well.

How to Form The Perfect L.L.C. Name In New Mexico

Now you may be wondering, ‘how do I search my New Mexico L.L.C. name?’ By following the below-mentioned steps, you’ll be able to come up with your L.L.C. business name.

Click on N.M. Secretary of State: Business Search  page.

Once you’ve been redirected there, select the ‘Starts with’ option.

Locate the ‘Entity Name’ search box and enter your chosen L.L.C. name.

Be sure not to add punctuation. Nor do you have to be careful about uppercase and lowercase letters – examiners typically ignore these.

Now enter the first couple words of your desired L.L.C. name. You will see a list of somewhat or potentially similar names in the search results.

How to Know If Your New Mexico L.L.C. Name Is Unique

Now when you conduct your search, you’ll get to the search result page. These results communicate one of four possible outcomes

If the result page shows business names that aren’t like yours, it means your L.L.C. name is 100% unique and that you can use it.

Moreover, if you end up at a ‘no data found’ page, it means your L.L.C. name is available as well. Typically, this page appears when your New Mexico L.L.C. name is super-duper unique.

On the other hand, if the L.L.C. name you selected appears the same on the result page, it means it isn’t available for use. Here you’ll have to change the name.

Furthermore, if the result page shows business names somewhat like yours, then again, you’ll have to come with a new L.L.C. name. Since the New Mexico rules don’t allow for misleading and similar terms, your desired name isn’t permitted for use.

Things to Avoid

The finalization and establishment of your L.L.C. are bound to make you excited. Quite often, people make common mistakes and yet rush for the approval process. We’re here to help you avoid those redundant blunders and thus compiled a list of things you should not do before your New Mexico L.L.C. name is approved:

  • Applying for your L.L.C.’s E.I.N. Number- Tax ID number
  • Purchasing a domain name
  • Purchasing business cards, flyers, signs, letterhead, and such marketing materials

Rushing into things may lead to you wasting money. If your L.L.C. name isn’t approved and you’ve already done the above steps, well, you know what’ll happen then.