1. Mail Forwarding / Scanning

Wyoming Mail Forwarding / Scanning

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  1. Mail Forwarding / Scanning
  2. What is a Mail Forwarding Service?
  3. How Does a Mail Forwarding Service Work?
  4. Who Should Use a Mail Forwarding Service?
  5. Benefits of a Virtual Mailbox
  6. Is a Virtual Mailbox Right for You?

Using a virtual mailbox service allows you to have a digital mailbox accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Rather than pick items up in person, you can instead receive, forward, pick up, shred, or discard any mail and packages digitally. Not only can you consolidate items to save on shipping, but your virtual mailbox has a real address, which allows you to keep your information private.

What is a Mail Forwarding Service?

A mail forwarding service is essentially a middle man for mail. All of your mail is forwarded to the selected person or business. Once received, that mail will be forwarded to the second address of your choice.

How Does a Mail Forwarding Service Work?

A virtual mailbox is a digital mailbox service that makes managing your postal mail easy. Since you can access it through any digital device, it is similar to using an email.

In order to start using a mail forwarding service, you will simply need to sign up online. Then, you can select a mailing address, and finally, the device where you want your mail to be delivered. Once your mail is received by the initial site, virtual mail scanning is initiated so you can decide whether you want to scan the mail, forward the mail, or throw it out.

If you choose to elect to have your mail scanned, you can manage and view it in an easy online interface. Mail forwarding is not the only option that you can choose. You can also decide if you prefer to have your mail shredded as well.

Who Should Use a Mail Forwarding Service?

  • Home business owners or freelancers who need a business address for a home business. This provides credibility and privacy.
  • People who plan to be away for an extended period of time.
  • If your mailing address is not close to where you live or work.
  • Families with a second home.
  • People who enjoy taking off in their RV and rarely stay home.
  • Expats working abroad
  • Businesses that receive mail in multiple locations in order to have all mail forwarded to a central office.
  • Individuals who want to keep their address private.

Benefits of a Virtual Mailbox

Easy Access

When you use a virtual mailbox, you will have access to all of your mail right through an online platform. This makes it extremely easy to access your mail wherever you are. Whether that means you are traveling across the world, or simply don’t want to send your mail to your home. Especially if you receive a lot of mail, a virtual mailbox can allow you to handle all of it without physically needing to go through it.


One of the largest benefits of using a virtual mail solution is that you are able to access your information quickly and in a digital format. This means you can scan your mail faster, and get back to important things. It also means you can search through your mail without physically doing it yourself.

Professional Image

Rather than use a P.O Box, your virtual mailbox will forward your mail to a real commercial street address. This not only creates a professional image for startups or home offices but does for any business. This will help you build trust and a reputable name with your customers because you can choose a well-known zipcode. It will also look great on business cards.

Maintain Privacy

Rather than give out your home address, personal information, or even your business address, a virtual mailbox keeps all of this information private. If you worry about handing out your address on your business card, use a virtual mailbox to keep your business information private and secure.

Increase Efficiency

By using a digital mail solution, you can receive your mail for lower processing costs, fewer costs for storage, and a more efficient method of retrieving mail. By reducing junk mail, it will also make it easier to reproduce and distribute your business documents and find the mail you actually want.

Communicate Securely

Whether this is with vendors or customers, you will be able to receive important documents right away. You can also ensure invoices and checks are in the same place, and safe until you are ready to access them.

Mail Forwarding

Virtual mail forwarding is possible for both mail and packages from a PO Box is not cheap, and USPS charges you to perform this. When you use a virtual mailbox you will have all of your mail and packages stored until you decide to forward them. The best part? You only pay for the mail you choose to forward, and you can forward them at competitive rates.

Receive Packages From Any Carrier

When using a P.O Box you will not be able to receive mail from FedEx or UPS. By using a virtual mailbox, because it is a real address, you will be able to receive mail from both of these carriers as well as USPS. Additionally, if you are an LLC or corporation then you can use a virtual mailbox as your designated business address. Using a P.O Box is not possible when it comes to registering an LLC.

Is a Virtual Mailbox Right for You?

If you are a small or large company with a lot of mail, then this is a cost effective way to help manage and organize your mail. Virtual mailboxes make dealing with excessive amounts mail much easier. It gives your company a professional address and reduces the amount of mail being sent to your home.

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