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  1. Anonymous Wyoming LLCs

Anonymous Wyoming LLCs

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Anonymous Wyoming LLCs

An Anonymous LLC is a limited liability company (LLC) that has owners that are not publicly on the record. Typically an Anonymous LLC is created to protect the owners of the LLC, by not disclosing the name of the owners.

In order to form an Anonymous Wyoming LLC, you must be careful about where and how the LLC is formed. This can be done by having a law firm act as the organizer and registered agent for the new LLC. This allows you to utilize attorney-client privilege and confidentiality.

How an Anonymous LLC Works in Wyoming

In order to have an anonymous LLC, the LLC must be formed in a state in which you are not required to disclose the members or managers of the LLC. Wyoming happens to be one of those states, with New Mexico and Delaware being other popular Anonymous LLC states as well.

The advantages of forming an Anonymous LLC in Wyoming is that there is no corporate income tax. This makes it ideal for Subchapter-C taxable entities. The disadvantage of forming an LLC in Wyoming is that you are required to produce an annual report as well as annual franchise fees.

How an Anonymous LLC Works in Wyoming

How Does the Owner of the LLC Remain Anonymous?

An owner of a Wyoming LLC can remain anonymous pretty easily. All you have to do is identify an attorney as the organizer and registered agent. This leaves your name and information off of the public record even though you own the LLC.

Why Create an Anonymous LLC?

There are many reasons why someone would want to create an Anonymous LLC, but the main reason is that it provides all of the benefits of a regular LLC,without disclosing ownership information to the public. When the public does not see that you own a business they will be less likely to sue if they don’t know you are a business owner.

Benefits of an Anonymous LLC

Privacy Protection

In an anonymous LLC, your ownership information is not made publicly available. This provides you with the benefits of an LLC, but with privacy, regardless of what your personal reason is.


When you are able to conduct business under the guise of an Anonymous Wyoming LLC, you can completely preserve any and all confidentiality. For example, as a real estate investor, one needs to know that you are behind the LLC selling a building complex. An Anonymous LLC keeps your name private.

Harassment Prevention

Since it is not possible for anyone to look up the ownership information of Anonymous Wyoming LLCs, it can prevent you from being harassed. Whether you are a part of a controversial type of business, or there are other issues, you will be protected.

Tax Advantages

There are many overall tax advantages provided by an LLC. Rather than participate in a sole proprietorship or partnership, the IRS permits more tax deductions. When obtaining these tax advantages in an Anonymous Wyoming LLC, you also obtain the advantage of privacy.

How to Form an Anonymous LLC in Wyoming

Starting an Anonymous Wyoming LLC can be easy as long as you work with the right attorney to help you. You will need only three different things to form an anonymous LLC:

  • Attorney to help with the setup.
  • Name for your LLC.
  • Physical mailing address.

Your mailing address cannot be a P.O Box but can be located anywhere in the world. It is recommended that if you want to keep yourself anonymous, that the address is not associated with you.

Essentially, setting up an Anonymous Wyoming LLC is exactly the same as forming a public LLC. The main difference is that you will have a lawyer to help you through the process. This will ensure that everything is done properly, efficiently, and privately.

Is Anonymous LLC Right for You?

Anonymous LLCs are a great choice for landlords who do not want to be known by their tenants. If you hire a property manager, then there is no reason for your public information to be accessible. Other reasons might include:

  • Privacy for notable figures.
  • Famous individuals.
  • Abused victims who do not want to be found by their aggressors.
  • Business owners who want to have a separation between their personal and business lives.

Contact a Lawyer

Hiring a business lawyer can help facilitate the process of your anonymous LLC. Not only does hiring a lawyer provide you with attorney-client privilege, but it will help you to limit any disclosure that might happen in a legal setting. Yoru attorney will also be immune to most discovery requests because all information must be kept confidential.

At Wyoming Trust & LLC Attorney  we can help you to create a high-quality Operating Agreement that will aid in maximizing your asset protection, reducing your exposure, and make sure to address all of the critical issues that are important to your business. The best Operating Agreement you can obtain is from a licensed attorney. Contact us  to learn more about how you can benefit from hiring an attorney to form an Anonymous LLC.

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