1. NM Business Phone

Set Up A Free New Mexico Phone Number

Table Of Contents

  1. NM Business Phone
  2. Visit Google Voice
  3. Choose A City
  4. Select A Number
  5. Verify Your Number
  6. Enter Your Number
  7. Enter Your Code

If you want to get a phone number for your New Mexico LLC, there’s a simple process you can follow that is easily completed for free! Expecting to receive more mail than calls? Sign up for our free mail forwarding and scanning.

All you need to sign up for is Gmail and Google Voice. If you don’t already have a Gmail (and let’s face it, most of us do), you’ll have to create one from scratch here.  Besides this, you will also need to have an existing phone number for Google to forward the calls to.

So, if you have all of this ready, you can follow these simple steps and get your free phone number for your corporation or LLC in New Mexico. Note, you receive a free phone number if you sign up for our virtual office service.

Visit Google Voice

Start by visiting the Google Voice site.

Choose A City

Clicking on that button will take you to a page where you will be asked to search for available numbers based on either a city or an area code. Since we’re looking for phone numbers in New Mexico, we have to type in a number for a city in that state, like Denver. Keep in mind that some areas don’t have numbers available, so just go with the best available choice. Given we are acting as your registered agent, you may use our information where applicable.

Select A Number

When you do select a city or area available on Google Voice, you will be presented with different phone number options from that area code to pick from. Select whichever one you want or load some more if you’re not satisfied with those.

Verify Your Number

Once you select a New Mexico phone number that you both like and is available, you will have to verify your existing phone number.

Enter Your Number

You will be directed to a screen where you will have to enter your current phone number for Google to forward incoming calls there from your new number. Enter your existing phone number and click on “Send Code” to receive the phone number via text message. Alternatively, you can verify by phone to receive a phone call on that number.

Enter Your Code

Once you enter the code you received, and verified your phone number, you’ll be done! You’ll have your brand new New Mexico phone number redirecting phone calls to your existing phone number. It’s that quick if you follow these simple steps. Alternatively, use our virtua office service  and we will include a phone number and mail forwarding.