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If you operate a corporation in the state of New Mexico, you must submit a biennial report every two years. The purpose of the report is to update the state of any structural changes to your business. This information includes the names and addresses of corporation officers, the mailing and place of business address, and your registered agent's information. The report should be filed with the Secretary of State's office, whether by mail or online, and include the necessary $25 filing fee.

What to Know About Your Biennial Report

Your New Mexico corporation will file its report based on its state assigned corporate identification number. The identification number determines the year in which you will file. If your identification number ends with an odd number, then your corporation will file in odd numbered years. Similarly, if your identification number ends with an even number, then you file in even numbered years. If you are uncertain what your corporate identification number is, then you can search your corporation at the Corporation's Division section of the New Mexico Secretary of State website.

What Is a Registered Agent?

Business Type, Filing Cost, and Due Date:

Profit Corporations: $25 filing fee. Report should be filed on the 15th day of the 4th Month after the taxable year end.

Foreign Corporation: $25 filing fee. Report should be filed on the 15th day of the 4th month after the taxable year end.

Nonprofit Corporation: $10 filing fee. Report should be filed on the 15th day of the 5th month after the taxable year end.

Charities: There is no fee. Report should be filed 6 months after the fiscal year end.

Domestic & Foreign LLCs: There is no fee or report necessary.

Business Type, Filing Cost, and Due Date

How to File Your Biennial Report

If you have a New Mexico corporation, your report must be filed with the Secretary of State. Once you have filed your corporation's initial report, you will then file on a biennially basis, i.e. every other year. There are two filing options available to you: filing by mail or filing online. In most cases the simplest option is filing online using the New Mexico e-Filing web portal. However, you can also print off a form from the Corporation's Division page on the Secretary of State website, then mail it with the accompanying filing fee. There is no difference in filing fee amount for either method. The filing fee for profit corporations in New Mexico is $25. However, if you have a New Mexico LLC, then there are no annual report requirements.

Biennial Report Filing Requirements

It is important to note that New Mexico has requirements for your corporation's initial report. All corporations in the state must submit an initial report to the Secretary of State. This report must be submitted within 30 days of your certificate of incorporation issuance from the Secretary of State. You will receive this initial report along with your processed articles of incorporation. Complete and return your initial report with your $25 filing fee. If at any point your corporation is delinquent with your biennial report, you will be issued a $200 late fee.

Biennial Report Filing Requirements

Assistance with Your Biennial Report

Maintaining a reliable registered agent for your corporation can ensure that you never miss your biennial report filing deadline. If you enlist us to serve as your New Mexico Registered Agent, we can file your report for you and make sure you always avoid the $200 penalty for filing late. Additionally, with our service you have an experienced attorney preparing your corporation's report. We take all compliance matters and state requirements into careful consideration to ensure that your business always retains its good standing with the state of New Mexico.

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