1. Anonymous TX LLC

Anonymous TX LLC

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  1. Anonymous TX LLC
  2. Start by Forming an Anonymous LLC in Another State
  3. Use the Other LLC’s Information to Create a TX LLC
  4. Enjoy Your Privacy

It is fairly common for business owners to want to fully separate their personal and business lives from each other. As such, anonymous LLCs are a popular option. The problem arises from the fact that some states do not explicitly offer an anonymous LLC, including Texas. Even though it may not seem that you can create an anonymous Texas LLC at first, it is actually possible to do so if you know the proper steps and are willing to complete a few more actions than you would for a non-anonymous LLC.

Start by Forming an Anonymous LLC in Another State

The secret to forming an anonymous Texas LLC is to first form an anonymous LLC in another state. This is the sole extra step you will need to complete and it will not necessarily be very time-consuming or expensive when done right. New Mexico is the ideal place to form this anonymous LLC because it not only offers them but charges no annual fees. As such, going with an anonymous LLC in New Mexico will keep costs down. To make it simpler, consider hiring a company to assist you with this process, especially since you are likely not within New Mexico.

Use the Other LLC’s Information to Create a TX LLC

Once you have your anonymous LLC in NM or another state, you can start the process of forming a Texas LLC. Start this process just like you would normally do for any non-anonymous LLC. You will need to have your anonymous LLC’s documents handy during this process.

As you fill out the application for your Texas LLC, use the information from your anonymous LLC. The New Mexico anonymous LLC, for example, will be the owner of the Texas LLC.

To further anonymity, use a formation service like you did when creating your anonymous LLC in the other state. These services should always let you list their contact information during the formation process. This way, your information never appears on the document. They will also likely be the registered agent, or you can hire another service to serve in this role.

Once the LLC is formed, none of your information will appear on the public record in relation to it. You will not show up as the owner and your contact information will never be listed for the address, phone number, or even email.

Enjoy Your Privacy

By following the above process, you are able to form an anonymous Texas LLC without much hassle. This way, you do not have to worry about your personal life being forced into your business. There is no risk of a disgruntled customer finding your personal information in public records and suing you. You also do not have to worry about marketers finding your information and contacting you non-stop about offering their services or products for your business. All contact will go through your designated service or registered agent, just like you prefer it to.

If you need assistance with this process, your Texas LLC formation service should be able to guide you through the various steps.