New Mexico Registered Agent Service

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  • Includes Using:
  • Our Name & Address
  • Our Phone & Email
  • Complete Anonymity
  • 5 Pieces of Free Mail

Cheap Registered Agent in New Mexico

We provide registered agent services that don't cost a lot. Large providers often charge one to two hundred dollars for services identical to ours. We are a small locally run operation without a lot of overhead. We enjoy our work, and provide a quality service for a reasonable price. Why fix something that's not broken?

Every company must maintain an agent in New Mexico. Meeting this requirement doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. After you complete our form we do the rest.

You receive your first year of agent service free if we form your LLC or corporation. Not sure whether you want and LLC or a Corporation? Learn more about the incorporation process here.

Professional Agent Service

Our agent service provides everything needed to keep your company compliant from year to year and free use of our address. Here is a complete list of what our registered agent services in New Mexico provide:

  • Use Our Information For Everything
  • Your Information is NOT Listed
  • We Handle The Paperwork
  • Free Use of Our Address
  • 5 Pieces of Free Mail Forwarding
  • Online Document Center

What is a registered agent?

New Mexico statutes state every corporation and llc must maintain a registered agent. This applies whether you formed your company in New Mexico, or are a foreign entity operating here. Every registered agent must have a physical address in New Mexico, be available during normal business hours and be able to forward any received documents. You may also see registered agents be referred to as resident agents, statutory agents, registered offices, and agents for service of process.

Can I be my own agent?

You may only if you live in New Mexico. However, in such cases, there are still good reasons to choose a professional service. Here is why you should NOT be your own agent:

  • Your Name & Address Go Online
  • Your Phone & Email Go Online
  • Forms & Fees If You Move
  • Employees See Sensitive Documents

If you are looking for additional privacy, then you may want to consider establishing a virtual office. Doing so will allow you to establish a separate phone number, receive a lease, and unlimited mail at our address instead of yours. Learn more about New Mexico LLC anonymity here.

Why not choose the cheapest registered agent?

A bad agent can wreak havoc on your organization. The worst case scenario is not being informed of a lawsuit. In the law's eyes you have been served, but you are not aware of it and the clock starts ticking. You only find out after missing important court dates and deadlines. How much did using the cheapest registered agent save in the end?

There are horror stories, but the strongest reason not to choose a "cheap" option is to avoid the resulting hassle. Other providers make you complete forms and constantly check back. They may or may not provide an online document center. These small imperfections add up to a frustrating experience.

If you choose our service, then we take care of everything. Just complete the order form and set your alarm for next year. We also offer the ability to prepay for multiple years and receive a discount. In those cases, you may run your company for up to five years before needing to worry about any filings or fees.

If you choose another service, then you may experience the following difficulties:

  • Not Notified of Lawsuits
  • Expensive Mail Forwarding
  • Have to Keep Checking Back
  • Lose Important Documents
  • No Online Document Center
  • Lost Time & Extra Hassle
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