New Mexico Balloon Festival

New Mexico Balloon Festival

New Mexico is one of the most colorful States in the United States, its mountains, its museums, its registered agents, its impressive history or its beautiful natural parks are just some of the most common examples of the amazing views this state has. It is true that the state is incredible no matter where you look at it from, but it is also true that some places are better. From a mountain, from a tramway or, now that we think about it, what about looking at it from the sky? This experience is real and it is available to the public during the early weeks of October.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a hot air balloons festival held in the city of Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico every year during the first whole week of October. This festival is the gathering place for over 600 balloons to take off and dazzle the world with their beauty.

This incredible fiesta is not a new event. In fact, it has its own history, showing how the festival became a truly representative part of this state and city. Its first edition was on April 8, 1972 when thirteen balloons were launched to the sky in the parking lot of a local shopping center, at this time the event was in the late winter as a welcome to the early spring and it was also focused as an sponsored event more than a festival. The first time this event was considered a fiesta was in 1975 when it was moved to autumn, and in 1979 this event was considered as a beautiful parade which was a symbolic event to receive Christmas in order to thank the people of New Mexico for their support in all the previous events.

In 1981 gas balloons were introduced to the event for the first time and some requirements to launch a hot air balloon changed. In the present, this event has stepped up from being a simple gathering, but has become a celebration that can be enjoyed by any and all that visit the Albuquerque to join the fiesta.

Nowadays this event is known as the biggest balloon festival in the world, but the entertainment isn't limited to just looking at the balloons in the sky. In fact there are a lot of activities you could take part in.

The main activity is a balloon trip along the Sandia Peak mountains. If you are just a spectator there are some activities you can do from the ground, such as different musical festivals and photo contests, meaning this can be an amazing experience you can share with your family or friends. Also, don't worry about where to rest for the night because some hotels and mobile rest spots are available for you near the fiesta grounds.

There's still some time to go, but if you're thinking about visiting this gorgeous fiesta the next time it takes place, we have some tips for you to enjoy fully enjoy the experience.

Just do it!

If you haven't already made up your mind to visit this fantastic sight, we can't recommend it enough. Pack up your bags and discover the beauty of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. There's still some time for you to plan your visit, so go ahead and visit the heart of New Mexico with this magical experience!

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Take your camera

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is considered one of the most photographed events in the entire world, and there's a reason for that. Hundreds of balloons crossing the sky in a colorful fashion, as well as an actual photography contest are all you need to know to take your camera with you.

Don't leave the place quickly

When all the balloons land on the ground and their owners start tethering them to the ground you could think the show has ended, but the truth is it has more surprises for you. When the pilots tether their balloons they inflate them with an special burner that makes their balloons bright and make the place look like it's covered by hundreds of giant light bulbs. That's a really magical look at Albuquerque if we've ever seen one.

Wake up really early

If you want to make the most of it, the event starts at 4:30 am. You can enjoy an early rise in the morning with a delicious traditional breakfast and have some burritos. This way you can enjoy a hearty breakfast and a great cup of coffee while you see the choreographed moment when the balloons are been inflated. After that you can enjoy the great moment when the sun rises and suddenly hundreds of multicolored balloons start crossing the sky.

Take your Sweater with you

Remember that this festival takes place right in the middle of the fall! Don't forget to take your coat with you for you to really enjoy the experience without having to worry about the cold.

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